Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not a winning weekend

This weekend involved 2 rodeos, however we fell off at both. Yeah, not good I know. But...we are taking this next weekend off of rodeoing, and hopefully start back April 16th meaning to win. So there was a ton of driving involved this weekend. Littlest knows 38 words on the first grade list (which is great because he's only required to know 75 from the kindergarten list)!!!

Since I have absolutely no videos from the weekend...I'll post about the jewelry I make. Sorry but I'm taking it over, at least for today. I like to create jewelry.

Most horse related.

A horse hair bracelet.

So I took over the post...Sorry Bud.

OH AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just found out I was on! can you belive it? Neither can I cool!!! :)

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