Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not a winning weekend

This weekend involved 2 rodeos, however we fell off at both. Yeah, not good I know. But...we are taking this next weekend off of rodeoing, and hopefully start back April 16th meaning to win. So there was a ton of driving involved this weekend. Littlest knows 38 words on the first grade list (which is great because he's only required to know 75 from the kindergarten list)!!!

Since I have absolutely no videos from the weekend...I'll post about the jewelry I make. Sorry but I'm taking it over, at least for today. I like to create jewelry.

Most horse related.

A horse hair bracelet.

So I took over the post...Sorry Bud.

OH AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just found out I was on! can you belive it? Neither can I cool!!! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well...I may get fired

I think Littlest may fire me as his webmaster. I am slack slack slacking.

This weekend was another fun rodeo weekend. Tri-State Youth Rodeo was held at the Lone Hickory Indoor Arena. Again it is an awesome facility. The weather turned cold on us. But thanks to the heaters we stayed warm.

Friday was great practice for Littlest. We had 4 re-rides before we got a good out...The sheep just didn't want to mess with the Littlest Cowboy!!!! I'll only show the final ride on here, as his DoDa and MiMi's internet is slow. :)

Friday 3/25/11 Tri-State Youth Rodeo
Mutton Bustin'

Friday 3/25/11 Tri-State Youth Rodeo
Goat Doggin'
VIDEO TO COME (Blogger and I are arguing)

Yeah...we practiced some chute doggin' this past week. We might need to practice grabbin' that nose uh?

Saturday 3/26/11 Tri-State Youth Rodeo
Mutton Bustin'
VIDEO TO COME (Blogger and I are arguing)

Saturday 3/26/11 Tri-State Youth Rodeo
Goat Doggin'
VIDEO TO COME (Blogger and I are arguing)

This next weekend is busy again...2 rodeo associations start up. North Carolina Junior Bullriders and Price's Arena.

I'll post those events here on Sunday...promise...scout's honor.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Running behind

Sorry to all. These should have been posted on Monday. I'm running behind this week. A good friend of mine has experienced a great tragedy and I have been working to help her this week every night. Please pray for their family.

So with the apology out of the way...We rode this weekend. Lone Hickory Arena has the best facility bar none. You have to go check them out!

Alright. Time for video's. FYI- I'm going to post these through YouTube. The video services of Blogger are a little lacking, so I'm going to do some experimenting today.

Thanks All

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 100th day of School

The 100th day of School, well techinically it's the 97th because of snow days. Oh well. I'm still counting it. Littlest and I created this poster to celebrate. Littlest's class at school is celebrating on Friday, and they are all displaying posters. Littlest did all of the gluing of the cotton balls. He decorated the cowboy, but didn't glue that down. I mean I couldn't send him to school with his fingers burnt from using my outdated hot glue gun!

Cute uh?

Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Rodeo Year Has Started

It's time boys and girls! Time to dust off the rust of a winter break and jump back into rodeo life. So here we are again packing snack bags, fixing coolers of sodas, water, and Koolaid® pouches. Loading the dog up and hitting the road. (I'll be adding a horse and trailer to the list in a few months.)

We went to the Tri-State Youth Rodeo Association's first rodeo of the year this weekend. Below are the rides for Littlest.

Saturday 1/22/11--Dusting off the Rust

Sunday 1/23/11--Taking what you can get

Sunday 1/23/11--Goat Doggin'

I know...too cute right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!