Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Road to the Finals

Warning. This will be tons of pictures!!!

We are in Oklahoma for the National Junior Bullriders Finals!!!!!!!!!!!

We are here to WIN it!

Doesn't he look so ready??!!

We stopped in St Louis MO to see the Gateway to the West. It was Very Very cool!

We then stopped at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield MO. They even have a live alligator inside the store!

The trip to Shawnee was successful. Then yesterday we went to the National Cowboy Museum. It was so past cool!!! I loved it. Below was my best shot of the day!

Infront of the National champion Hall of fame wall. It was such a fun day!!!

And just one more picture. This last one is Littlest infront of the Jim Shoulders Exhibit. He was so excited about seeing all of the buckles, saddles, and Native American items in the museum.

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