Sunday, May 2, 2010

Price's arena

Well, rodeo season has started. We have had 2 events so far this year, and many more to come I'm sure.

Yadkin Valley Youth Association's First rodeo was in April, and Jimmy smoked both of his sheep. He's been practicing on one of the ponies here at the farm, and is trying to master barrels. We will see.

Last night he rode at Price's Arena. Scoring an 80 point ride and coming in 2nd. He's planning on winning the mutton bustin' buckle at Price's. And once his mind is set, it's gonna happen! (I just hope he stays safe and wins his entry money back.) I missed filming the ride last night. But is was great, it even included the sheep falls and rolling over him. He didn't get hurt, because he's a cowboy!!

Heating up his rope.

Getting it on his mind!

Checking out the rides for the night!

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