Sunday, March 22, 2009

Practice pen

We went to Jimmy's practice pen yesterday. He rides at Hillside Arena in Morganton, NC for practice. They don't give points or award money, which disappoints him. They do give ribbons, which at first he thought was pretty cool. Now the novelty has worn off. He rides and "tries" until his head hits the ground.

We went to a local (60 minutes away) store today for a new set of boots. I bought the last pair for him in October (really his Mimi bought them). They are worn out! This is a child who has to wear boots everyday. In fact he get very upset if he has to wear anything else. He also got a rope.

Our friend, who is a championship roper, has agreed to give us all lessons. (He doesn't know that he's giving the entire family lessons yet...surprise!! Love you Robbie.) Next month Littlest starting his riding lessons. He rides his pony well, except when he actually has to drive her. Then he just kinda tries. Littlest doesn't know how to drive his horse yet, he's just a passenger right now.

But enough for today. Goodness, I'll run out of stuff to blog about.

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